To Teach is to Learn

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To teach is to learn. How profound is that? Maria Koestler Ruben states in her book “How to Tutor Your Own Child” that you must have a “love of learning” in order to pass that trait to your child. A child that wants to learn has an easier path to academic success.  But I would like to take that one step further to say that if you love to learn, then you will be a better tutor for your child. As the Japanese Proverb so graciously points out — To teach is to learn.  In order to help your child, you will in fact be learning. The more enthusiastic you can be during these sessions, the more positive your child will feel about the learning process.

My children always tell me that I would make a great teacher. I think sometimes they think that I just naturally know how to do everything it is that they are working on. When the truth of the matter is, some things I do know and others I’m learning as I’m teaching it to them. I always make a point to figure it out rather than just say I don’t know because I have a desire to learn how to do it. I would definitely say I have a strong passion for learning in that regard. Just yesterday, I went to my daughter’s high school orientation and I literally felt a rush come over me when they were discussing the curriculum.  I’m such a nerd. But I was very excited about all the things my daughter (and I) would be exposed to over the next four years.

Now I’m not saying that you have to go to Amazon and order dozens of textbooks in order to educate yourself on traditional academic subjects which in return will stress the importance of learning to your child. Creating an environment that values learning extends beyond academics. It could be teaching yourself how to make a new dish or how to do minor repairs around the house. The goal here is to show your child that learning new things is fun, exciting and empowering.


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4 Responses to “To Teach is to Learn”

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Another homeschool mom and I chatted last night about how quickly the educational years pass. We have 18 short years with our children before they move on to other ventures. While she and I homeschool for different reasons, we both love the learning process and long to share what we know with our kids as we learn alongside them.

P.S. I get the same rush from curriculum. Send me to an educational bookstore or a school, and I’m on high for days! 🙂

It’s good to hear from parents who are enthusiastic about their children’s education. I don’t homeschool my children but am very involved and do what I can to supplement at home because I feel ultimately as parents that is our responsibility. And let’s not get on the library. When I stumble across new resources to explore, I am absolutely giddy!

I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award. 🙂

Aww thank you so much! I am extremely flattered!

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