A Purpose-Driven Family

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The importance of having a purpose and setting goals is often emphasized to us throughout our lives as they help to give us direction. But what about having the same for your family? After all, with multiple people in the mix, doesn’t it become more important to map out these expectations?—Let’s face it, expectations are learned and until they are spelled out, your family may trail behind or even veer off the path that you would like them to be on.

While reading Organized Simplicity by Tsh Oxenreider, I was introduced to the idea of having a family purpose statement. Mind you, I was just reading this book to gain insight and tips on how to have an organized home in order to make our lives easier. However, I soon discovered that the basis of achieving that goal was setting a proper foundation (i.e. purpose statement) and rolling all your expectations up to that purpose statement. This helps your family realize the importance of the individual tasks assigned to them because now they can see the bigger picture. While everyone in the family may not value having a tidy, clean house (as you do), they may all value being able to spend more time together as a family. When you can show the direct correlation between them helping to keep the house clean, how it creates less work for you and therefore would result in more time together—it will create the motivation needed to make this a routine in your home.

With a blended family of eight and a house to fit them all comfortably in, obtaining the peacefulness you get from a clean organized home became a task from you know where. The nagging and constant follow-ups necessary to achieve this goal made it anything but peaceful. When I introduced the idea of having a family purpose statement to my husband, he was all for it. We discussed what we collectively wanted for our crew and developed a statement that was unique to our family. Our family statement encompassed our Faith in God, unconditional love that supersedes blood, and our desire to ensure that all of us have the support we need to reach our greatest potential. We discussed what we came up with the children and allowed them to ask questions and to add any input that they wanted. We, then, had an official Signing Ceremony (like in the movie Courageous) where each family member signed the statement and officially committed themselves to this process.    

Now as Tsh points out in her book, your purpose statement needs supporting statements in order to guide your family on exactly how they can achieve their family purpose each day. We came up with about 15 goals and having an organized clean home was one that was emphasized as it created more time for us to do the things we love. We also committed to allotting time together as a family each week so that everyone could reap the immediate rewards of living toward our purpose. Two weeks into our revamped way of living and our home is well on its way to becoming the peaceful and serene place my husband and I want to come home to. And we’re hoping that once the kids get acclimated to this way of living that this will also be something that they too, desire. But in the meantime, fun-filled family time will be motivation enough.

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