Financial Peace — Here We Come!

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member_kit_spread_newIt’s official! I have purchased my Financial Peace University supplies and the hubster and I will be starting our 9-week course next Sunday. I am super-giddy about the opportunity to partake in this class. I read Dave Ramsey’s book, Total Money Makeover, last summer. I was very intrigued to say the least. Once your mind is introduced to a new way of thinking about financial success, it is very hard to go back to spending frivolously.

The hubby and I really started budgeting and trying to follow Dave’s steps this year and it hasn’t been easy. I know this class will help us become more in sync and adhering to tighter timeframes.

Our road to financial success has been very empowering. I feel like I control my money and not the other way around. I can rework my grocery budget to accommodate any unexpected expenses. We proactively save for those expenses that we can anticipate. It’s a great feeling to be in the driver’s seat (especially for a control freak like me!)

Additionally, we are losing the ‘tude that debt is a way of life. This year our goal is to pay off all our unsecured debt and to not rack up any new debt. That’s right — no credit cards for us! We are also evaluating our secured debt to try and get better interest rates and/or loan terms to get those suckers paid off as quickly as we can.

Most importantly, we are open with our children about “the plan” because ultimately we want them to be smarter about their financial decisions in the future.

Stay tuned for updates on our road to financial success. Of course, don’t forget to look at my previous posts for tips on how to cut your spending.

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