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homemade productsHomemade cleaners are eco-friendly and also very cost-efficient. In searching for ways to reduce our household spending, I eagerly embarked on this new do-it-yourself task.

Keeping a few multi-purpose ingredients in your home will give you the ability to make cleaners for several different purposes.

(Tips: We buy spray bottles at the Dollar Store or repurpose bottles from commercial cleaners. This keeps our storage costs at a minimum. Also, when repurposing jars or bottles, you can get rid of any lingering smells by rinsing with vinegar and baking soda. You must make sure the containers are closed tight. This even removed the smell from a pickle jar; which is pretty much impossible to do!)

Here are the homemade cleaners that are commonly used in our home:

All-Purpose Cleaner – This is my go-to cleaner for everything. Very simple ingredients and works great. (Click here for directions on how to make this product.) I tried using the citrus peels; but sadly, I grew inpatient and ended up taking them out way too early so the smell did not linger very long. I opt to use extra drops of essential oil to give our home a fresh clean scent. At first, I was hesitant about the vinegar as I thought the smell would linger. In actuality, the vinegar smell disappears within minutes of using the product.

Glass Cleaner – Four common ingredients will get you a glass cleaner with the same power as Windex. Seriously. Alcohol, vinegar, water and a bit of cornstarch will keep glass tables and windows sparkling clean. This cleaner even works to remove soap scum from your glass shower doors. (Click here for ingredients).

Homemade Bleach – While I do not use this cleaner as frequently, it serves its purpose for those hard-to-clean stained surfaces. I used it to get the grime from my marble tile in the shower, stains that I couldn’t get out with commercial cleaners, and the results truly amazed me. The fresh lemon juice ingredient also makes for a wonderfully-scented cleaning product; a good alternative to the typical harsh bleach fumes. (Click here to make yours.)

Eyeglass Lens Cleaner – Equal parts alcohol and water and a drop of dish soap makes for an inexpensive daily cleaner for your eyeglasses. Small spray bottles can be purchased from the Dollar Store to store this product. Repurposing containers for travel-size body sprays (like from Bath and Body Works) will allow you to take this product with you on the go.

Beyond the cost and environment benefits, homemade cleaners provide convenience. Have you ever had to drop everything and make a run to the store to purchase cleaning ingredients in the middle of a cleaning job? This has been my fate far to often; and usually, I opt for convenience and end up paying a lot more. But not anymore. If I run out of cleaners now, I simply gather up the ingredients and make more immediately!

Homemade cleaners are also kid-friendly so you can feel free to put your kids to work without worrying about harsh chemicals harming them in any way.

What homemade products do you use? Leave a comment and share!

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